New Prestige Condensing Boilers

New Prestige Condensing Boilers with TriMax Control

Triangle Tube, an industry leader in high efficiency boiler and hot water systems, is pleased to announce the availability of the latest generation of its Prestige condensing boilers. The new Prestige Condensing Boilers with TriMax control are designed to be the most contractor friendly, user friendly high efficiency boilers available.

The new Prestige Condensing Boilers feature the unique TriMax control that combines advanced features with an unmatched ease of use. The 60 second set-up simplifies boiler set-up by providing only the options appropriate to the application. This not only allows installers to complete most set-ups in less than a minute, it minimizes the potential for errors.

While the TriMax control is simple to use, it also provides a powerful feature set that maximizes the usability of the Prestige Boiler. The TriMax control simplifies joining up to 6 boilers with a unique cascade system with automatic boiler recognition. The TriMax manages two separate thermostat inputs with unique set-points or reset curves for multi-temperature applications. The TriMax can control up to 4 circulators and can operate a two zone building with domestic hot water without an external zone control panel. The TriMax makes troubleshooting easy with clear error descriptions and 24 hour data logging on most sensors.

The Prestige Condensing Boiler with TriMax control features easy connections to piping, venting, and wiring. New polypropylene venting connections eliminate corrosion and provide quick access for combustion analyzers. Electrical connections are made to a clearly labeled fixed terminal strip with individually fused high voltage connections. Low and high voltage connections and wiring are separated to minimize interference.

Triangle Tube revolutionized the residential high efficiency boiler market in 2003 with the fire tube heat exchanger in the Prestige Condensing Boiler. The new Prestige features a next-generation fire tube heat exchanger that improves efficiency and reliability. The latest design improves water flow and heat distribution and provides an AFUE of 96%. The ultra-low emissions meet 2012 SCAQMD requirements.

The Prestige Condensing Boiler with TriMax control is available in both Solo and Excellence models. The Solo models are designed to work with an external indirect water heater for domestic hot water. The Solo models are available with 5 inputs from 60 MBH to 399 MBH. The unique Excellence model provides both space heating and domestic hot water from an internal 14 gallon indirect water heater. The Excellence simplifies installation and provides the "tank" hot water response homeowners desire.

Triangle Tube is a leading provider of high efficiency gas condensing boilers, indirect fired tank-in-tank water heaters, system controls, and heat exchangers for residential and commercial applications. Triangle Tube's unique design and materials results in products that provide outstanding quality, reliability, and overall satisfaction.

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